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Choose a hotel or resort in your preferred destination and use promo code BIRTHDAY10 to save on the total price.

Add a flight and save up to 30%

Book your flights together with your hotel and save more with special fares on packages.

Collect and spend Avios on packages

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Collect Avios and Qpoints

On top of earning Avios, Privilege Club members can now earn Qpoints on every package to retain your tier or reach the next tier faster. Collect 1 Qpoint for every USD 100 spent no matter which package or product you choose.

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Spend Avios

You've collected your Avios, now spend it on beach breaks and city escapes in your favourite destinations. Book your flights plus hotel packages, Qatar Stopovers, sporting event experiences, hotels, tours and airport transfers using your Avios today.

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    • Offers are based on hotel properties, for additional details, please read the inclusions carefully while booking.
    • Promo codes can be used while checking out 
    • Privilege Club members can collect Avios and Qpoints on hotels
    • Privilege Club members can use Cash + Avios to book
    • Cancellation and refund policies will be specified on the hotel selection page. Cancellation/refund policies for the respective hotel apply to the booking
    • Complimentary room upgrades, transfers, free activities, spa vouchers or any other special add-ons will be subject to availability. Customers must call the hotel and book in advance.
    • Qatar Airways Holidays terms and conditions which may be amended from time to time will also apply to your booking, please review these at the time of booking.
    • Offer valid for Privilege Club members only.